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Minds Eye. Acrylic on canvas. 24” x 36”.

Minds Eye. Acrylic on canvas. 24” x 36”.

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The clarity that I gained during the various versions and evolution of this piece naturally came forward as a feature of the painting. The more I fussed with details and color to balance the negative space, the more it didn’t feel right. I eventually took a break from it and came back a few months later with a renewed focus.

It didn’t need more, it needed less. Just as life often does.

It only took one sitting to complete the painting after this revelation, showing the perfect balance between our subconscious and conscious awareness. When we allow our imaginations some time to digest the foggy and murky noise we encounter daily, it reveals a perfectly clear course of action.

Will you tune into your Minds Eye and allow your creative subconscious wisdom to shine through?

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